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Hanna Alkaf books

4 Books Penned by a Malaysia Female Author, Hanna Alkaf

Do you recognize Hanna Alkaf, a talented female author from Malaysia? She was born in 1985 and has spent her whole life in Malaysia, besides having […]
Famous waterfalls in Malaysia

9 Famous Waterfalls in Malaysia That Are Worth a Visit!

The truth you might not know, Malaysia has over 100 recognized breathtakingly beautiful and famous waterfalls! The deep and dark forests may have many more exquisite […]
Malaysia intangible cultural heritage

6 Malaysia Elements on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List

Have you heard or been familiar with the term intangible cultural heritage (ICH)? Intangible cultural heritage relates to traditional customs, rituals, and living manifestations passed down […]
Azmi Hussin

4 Amazing Cartoons by a Malaysian Cartoonist, Mohd Azmi Mohd Hussin

Mohd Azmi Bin Mohd Hussin, also known as Azmi Hussin, is a Penang-born cartoonist. Recognizably, he expressed the memories of the cultural stories of Penang through […]
Penang street artist

5 Penang Artworks by Local Artists You Might Have Missed!

Presently, with the splendid street art that attracts tourists, Penang is also known as a multicultural island with a colorful splash! Do you know that besides […]
Ernest Zacharevic murals

4 Famous Outdoor Artworks of Ernest Zacharevic

Ernest Zacharevic, commonly known as Zach, is a Lithuanian-born artist who integrates creative art methods with a love of producing art indoors and outdoors. He traveled […]