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Top 8 flower shops in KL & Selangor

Go On A Flower Hunt In These Established Flower Shops in KL & Selangor

Have you always dream of being in the midst of a flower field? Well you technically can, by going to a flower shop! You can go […]
12 classic Malaysian childhood snacks

Let’s Look Back at These 12 Malaysian Childhood Snacks

Do you ever just hear a random horn from a motorcycle and transport back to a time where you and your siblings are waiting eagerly for […]
Top 7 Easy Recipes for Uni Students

#FoodFriday: Easy & Quick Recipes for University Students Out There

It’s hard out there being a student, juggling classes in the morning and doing assignments and projects at night. At some point, you forgot to recharge […]
5 Better Alternatives for Sanitary Pads

Say Goodbye To Sanitary Pads & Hello To Their New Alternatives

Out with the old and in with the new pad alternatives, for a better comfortable use and now environmentally sustainable. Moving On To A Better & […]
8 essential tips for new cat owners

#TipsTuesday: Guide on How to Take Care of Cats

Is this your first time taking care of a feline pet? Do not fret as we will guide you on how to take care of cats […]
Malaysia ranks 13th among global passports

Malaysia Ranks 13th Among Global Passports, Making it A Powerful & Strong Passport In The World

Malaysia ranked quite high for English proficiency and tertiary academic institutions in the world, but did you know our passport are placed at 13th rank for […]