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whatsapp view once

WhatsApp Launches ‘View Once’ Feature | How To Use It

WhatsApp officially launches the disappearing photo and video feature ‘View Once’ on the messaging platform. The View Once feature allows users to send photos and videos […]
hotlink 365 internet pack

1 Year Internet Validity With Hotlink Prepaid Internet 365 Pack

Do you renew your internet data monthly? You may not have to do so anymore if you check out the Hotlink Prepaid Internet 365 Pack. Recently, […]

No More Disruption While Watching Astro On Your TV

Astro rolls out its Continuous Viewing feature to the Astro Ultra Box and Astro Ulti Box to elevates television viewing experience. Recently, Astro customers have reported […]

Digitisation of Malaysia’s Automotive Industry With DidiGO

In the age of digital transformation, DidiGO has jumped on the bandwagon by bringing automotive services to its mobile application. DigiGO is a platform that integrates […]