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7 Modern Wonders Around The World

All You Need To Know About The Modern 7 Wonders Around The World

Amazing things and great locations abound in our world. One feels stunned by the wonderful beauty of nature. Take a look of the following list of facts on […]
Indian Temples In Malaysia

Visit These Beautiful Indian Temples In Malaysia During Thaipusam

Thaipusam is just around the corner so let’s celebrate the wonderful festive by visiting these Indian temples in Malaysia and also appreciating their religion and culture. […]
best farm cafes in malaysia

Your Next Cafe To Dine In: Best Farm Cafes in Malaysia

Cafes and restaurants that place an emphasis on aesthetics have found that plants are an essential component in creating a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere. What about […]
Chap Goh Mei Celebration

Find Your Love At These Chap Goh Mei Celebration Locations

Chinese New Year is a celebration that we are excited about the angpaos, Yee Sang with family, vibrant red colours and many more. But do you […]
cruises malaysia

Cruises Experience To Add In Your Bucket List This 2023

Growing up watching the Pisau Cukur movie starring Fazura and Aaron Aziz, the curiosity and dream grew to experience cruise life. Fulfil your dream with these  […]
heritage and colonial hotels fi

Your Next Staycation: Best Heritage and Colonial Hotels in Malaysia 2023

Historic or colonial inns are often included on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. These hotels sometimes occupy what were once significant buildings or other […]