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Cruises Experience To Add In Your Bucket List This 2023

Growing up watching the Pisau Cukur movie starring Fazura and Aaron Aziz, the curiosity and dream grew to experience cruise life. Fulfil your dream with these  […]
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Your Next Staycation: Best Heritage and Colonial Hotels in Malaysia 2023

Historic or colonial inns are often included on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. These hotels sometimes occupy what were once significant buildings or other […]
zoo teruntum kuantan

Mini Zoo Teruntum Kuantan, A Must-Visit Attraction in Pahang!

Located in Kuantan, Pahang, Zoo Teruntum is Malaysia’s first hybrid zoo that started to operate in 2021. There, they not only display real animals, there are […]
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Your Next Staycation: Top Golf Resorts And Hotels In Malaysia 2023

In the last two decades, golf resorts in Malaysia have sprung up in regions that visitors would never think of visiting; nonetheless, the resort owners have […]
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Dine In With Views At These Top Floating Restaurants In Malaysia!

Besides floating hotels, Malaysia is also a home to floating restaurants! Enjoy a meal of succulent seafood in the company of friends and family while surrounded […]
lighthouses in Malaysia

Lighthouse In Malaysia With Amazing Views

Do you know that islands in Malaysia are all protected by Marine Force with the help of lighthouse? Lighthouses help to warn mariners of dangerous situations […]